Join the act with Raw Energizers!

A musical energizer from Raw Resonance aims to generate the right energy in a very short time.

It’s a compact, interactive, and customized performance in which everyone is taken on a connecting musical experience.

A Raw Energizer can be used as a refreshing activity at a conference or as an icebreaker or smashing closure for any event. 

Acoustic Energizer

Quick and energetic, acoustic and percussive. For smaller events.
Easy to apply without the hassle of amplified sound.

Raw Energizer

A short, enchanting and interactive musical energizer with full band. Experience the power of body-percussion and your voice.

Karakazoo Energizer

Humorous, immersive music performance with audience playing on kazoos.
Lift up those party vibes.

BattleBeats Energizer

A musical battle between 2 or more groups with bucket-drums. Fun and challenging!
Perfect for smaller groups or longer teambuilding activities.